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Betreff: [5Rhythms Teaching Circle] A Community Message
Datum: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:37:40 -0400
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Dear 5Rhythms community,

As a worldwide tribe serving hundreds of thousands of dancers across multiple countries and continents, we are all closely monitoring the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are communities that are currently directly affected and it is crucial that we all prepare for the possibility that this novel coronavirus may arrive at our doorsteps. The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided guidance and measures to protect vulnerable populations. Even though we might personally be healthy and at lower risk for serious illness, it's important that we all take precautions to protect ourselves and those that are at greater risk in these times. The below information is fluid and we expect all students and teachers to continue to monitor and adhere to specific local governmental guidelines as more information becomes available.

We Are Asking Our Community to:
Self-assess your personal risk + the risk of your family and close contacts.
Regardless of whether the virus is present in your community yet or not, data suggests that elders, immune-compromised individuals and those with chronic illness (especially, but not limited to, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions) are at greater risk and therefore should limit their participation in group activities.
If you or someone in your immediate circle falls into these high risk categories, we advise you to consider your risk before attending 5Rhythms classes and workshops at this time. Any concerns should land on the side of caution.
Be aware of the wave of your own personal health -- if you develop symptoms stay home.
The symptoms of coronavirus are aligned with the common cold and flu, especially fever, cough and shortness of breath. Even if you just have a sniffle or mild cough that is barely affecting your energy, please give it some time for the wave of this illness to fully move through you before returning to class. If you were sick but are not 100% recovered, please extend the Stillness of your process for a little longer by not joining class/workshops for at least one week after you have fully recovered.
If you have come into contact with someone known to have tested positive for coronavirus, or have traveled in the last 14 days to a WHO-listed hotspot, please also stay home to prevent the possible spread to others in our communities.
Practice conscious personal hygiene.
Avoiding touching your face. Cover your mouth and nose whenever you cough or sneeze, use tissues to blow your nose and promptly dispose of them in a trash receptacle. Be mindful of not touching the mouth of your water bottle with your hands when drinking water during practice. Frequent hand washing for at least 20-30 seconds reduces the spread of the virus. Wash your hands before and after every class, before and after going to the bathroom, and before and after eating. Take the 5R wave to the sink as demonstrated here by Dr Peter Selwyn (NOTE: VIDEO WILL BE ADDED TO FINAL EMAIL, WE ARE WAITING FOR FINAL VERSION AND WANTED TO GET THIS EMAIL OUT TO THE TEACHING CIRCLE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE FOR ADVANCE AWARENESS).
Showering before and immediately after class and workshops is also suggested to limit the spread of virus. Many 5R venues have showers available for student use.
Respect a disciplined "no touch" practice with other students.
All practitioners should avoid physically touching other students both during the dance and when greeting each other. The Rhythm of Flowing teaches us how to dance with oneself alone and can be quite deep and profound as a committed practice. The rhythm of Flowing also teaches us to honor & respect our own fears arising because of the spread of coronavirus, and to take the necessary actions to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. These teachings of Flowing can be carried through the entire 5Rhythms Wave of practice and off the dance floor into your own daily life.

We Are Asking Our Teachers to:

Prioritize cleaning and disinfecting the space before and after 5R sessions.
Work with the venue and setup/breakdown crew to put into place additional Staccato cleaning processes such as disinfecting floors and walls + high touch areas such as as doorknobs, light switches, coat hooks, personal belonging storage cubbies, etc.
Venues should always be stocked with soap and sanitizer , especially around high touch spots. Plenty of tissues and trash receptacles are also recommended.
Limit venue capacity to allow for additional space per student.
Our 5R dance floors can get very full and we advise to firmly limit the space to 25 square feet /2.3 square meters per dancer for the coming weeks . While in normal times we can usually make room for additional eager dancers to squeeze in, we ask the community to respect this guideline across all classes and workshops to allow for more empty space on the dance floor.
Let go of offering shared community food/snacks.
Shared bowls of nuts/chocolates, tea service, etc should no longer be offered at 5Rhythms classes and workshops. We also encourage students to not share water bottles and/or their own food.
Be compassionate around cancellations due to illness and concerns.
For students looking to cancel registrations due to coronavirus, we have asked production teams to offer mutually respectful refunds and credits.
We also ask students to have some understanding that while full refunds should be issued whenever possible, the small business nature of 5Rhythms can sometimes make a small administrative fee difficult to fully waive due to expenses already incurred per registration, such as non-refundable credit card fees charged by processors.
Teachers should continue to monitor regions for community spread and postpone and/or cancel classes and workshops as advised by local authorities.
Proactively monitor and screen students for illness and symptoms.
Teachers and production crew should be vigilant in looking for students exhibiting any flu-like symptoms. Anyone showing even the mildest of symptoms (coughing, sneezing) will be asked to leave and return when they are well and/or with a doctor's note clearing them to participate in community activities.
Workshop participants should be pre-screened via health questionnaires to limit participation of students that have spent time recently in certain regions, as advised by WHO and local government officials.
Should any known member of a 5R community be diagnosed with coronavirus, seek out and follow local health department and government guidance.
Overall, please know that we are in close contact with medical professionals that understand what 5Rhythms practice is and we are committed to following their recommendations.
For those who are not high risk -- continuing exercise, movement and meditation is an effective way to boost immune systems, increase our body's natural defenses, and prepare us mentally to meet the challenges that lay ahead. 5Rhythms Global is committed to protecting the vulnerable in our communities, while ensuring safe and clean spaces to practice 5Rhythms.

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